In the furniture industry, we acknowledge that everyone has a different view of things around them. And because of that, our team here at VCUS has enough reason and motivation to be more innovative with our furniture designs. We don't just think out of the box—we think like there is no box around us, making our design concepts limitless.

Perception of a Perfect Furniture

The concept of ideal furniture and that of an ideal home has a lot of things in common. 

Imagine your version of a perfect home. What crosses your mind first? Isn't it the furniture that will fill every room and corner? This holds true for many of us since furniture and home revolve around two things that can make or break our home life: comfort and functionality.

Our Range of F&B Chairs

Don't put up with subpar chairs any longer—invest in a new, more comfortable pair of chairs from VCUS Furniture right now. Browse through the range of wonderfully designed chairs in our catalogue below! 


Are you looking for quality designer restaurant chairs or armchairs in Singapore? Each piece of our commercial furniture offered here at VCUS is carefully crafted to be stylish and sturdy, making it ideal for any food and beverage business. We offer everything you need to furnish a stylish restaurant—from cozy and iconic armchairs to elegant restaurant chairs.

We are entirely aware of the kind of focus and commitment it takes to deliver consistently at best. Since we started, we have been trying our best to offer you the best furniture and are glad we have largely succeeded in our objective. Over the years, our F&B Chairs have been used extensively in Singapore, clearly reflecting our products' quality. 

Designer Chairs Specially Built for Your Home 

A perfect piece of furniture can make your home a haven. However, your choice of furniture will make or break this. 

Fortunately, here at VCUS, you can choose from our stunning range of furniture—from arm chairs in Singapore to office chairs in Singapore. We have the best collection of designer arm chairs in Singapore for your offices, homes and other business establishments, such as hotels and restaurants. 

Over the years, many clients have entrusted our selection of furniture, and we take pride in the fact that we have received a great deal of brilliant feedback from them.  

Our restaurant chairs are highly durable and elegant to engage the customers, and they have been the pride of many restaurants across the country. At VCUS, finding the chairs and tables of your choice is simple. It is our deep understanding of our customers that constantly help us deliver at our best. It was certainly not easy to make it this far, but we did it out of our exceptional commitment to our customers. 

Industry Standard F&B Chairs in Singapore Here at VCUS! 

We at VCUS are dedicated to providing you with exceptional commercial chairs. We offer various chair styles, including chic dining, practical office, and even outdoor lounge chairs in Singapore. 

Our chairs provide the highest levels of comfort, elegance, and longevity. The materials we use in our chairs are of the finest quality and are constructed to last with regular usage. 

Get in touch with us immediately to get your hands on any furniture piece from our collection to learn more about our offerings. Any questions you may have can be directed to us via phone at +65 6746 3302 or by filling out the contact form on our website.