Get Stylish Outdoor Furniture for Complete Relaxation

Balcony or garden is the area you visit to unwind, either with a book or a cup of coffee with a good friend or you’re just simply on your own for some peace of mind. Thus, it is apparent that you should need to pay a little bit more attention to make it a comfy and relaxing place.

VCUS Pte Ltd brings you unmatched outdoor furniture in Singapore especially designed for those hours. Our furniture units are ideal for a leisurely brunch with a friend or a dear one. In the evenings, they are best used if your garden or balcony is lit up & partnered with an awesome weather. You could also keep a stylish & designer coffee table set in your garden if you are fond of a popular beverage and prefer to have it on regular basis at a particular time of the day.

We also deal with commercial furniture in Singapore and have many different styles & variants. We have best availability for our clients with great interest in hotel furniture. As we deal with both indoor & outdoor customized furniture sets, there are many options anyone can easily choose from.

Our classy seats & tables in radiant finish or brightly colored fabric would greatlyhelp enliven your area. You could also go for folding armchairs if you want to save up your space, relocate in case of jaggy weather or if you just wish to recline in your free time. We also provide space efficient chairs with cushion pads in different lively colors for your lobby and balcony. They could be in wood or metal, with or without a center/ side table and may come single or in sets of two, three and more.

Available In Different Sets

They might or might not be accompanied with a center table completely depending on your selection. In case the set comprises of a center table, you could pick from a square, a round, or a designer piece to suit your taste. Whereas if you don’t want to opt for one, you can position a beautiful and elegant flower pot between the chairs to have a touch of nature around while you are relaxing.

So perk up your balcony, lobby or garden with our trendy outdoor furniture for a perfect Indian-continental breakfast. Enjoy appetizing food on your designer furniture on all those lazy Sundays. Share your afternoon or evening cup on a round table over a piquant talk. Or simply sit back to lose track of time. Because sometimes, we need to detach from all the hassle and bustle of life so we can breathe once more. And we in VCUS promise to accompany you all the way through.