Comfortable, Stylish and Durable

When there is pleasant weather, there is nothing like sitting in your garden and sipping a cup of hot tea. See the colorful blooms in your garden as you hear the birds chirping. Feel the mild breeze caress your cheeks. There is nothing like spending time with nature. You will see the different dimensions of nature as you sit in your garden. What nature has not provided you, Vcus will give you. For the best outdoor furniture in Singapore, you can step into our shop. There are all varieties of outdoor furnitures available with us.

Whether it is deck chairs on your balcony or complete table and chair sets for your garden, you can get it at Vcus. Our outdoor furniture range comes in attractive colors and shapes that will match the environment. They are comfortable, stylish and durable. Outdoor furniture has to be strong against the elements of nature. They can get exposed to harsh sun or heavy rains. We make our furniture strong enough to withstand all these. Get the best outdoor furniture in Singapore at Vcus.

Why Should Furniture Be Ordinary And Boring?

How nice would it be for you to make your guests envious when they see your furniture? Just imagine getting a set for furniture designed just for you. Think of what your guests will think when they see that all your furniture in your home match and are unique for your home alone. Get the best designer furniture in Singapore from Vcus. Come with your ideas and we will work together to create the best designer range of furniture. We also have readymade designer furniture of which we only have one set. We promise you won't find a second set anywhere else.

Why should furniture be normal and boring? They can be made with the maximum luxury as possible. Vcus has a range of luxury furniture that will raise your status. Get our special luxury leather covered sofas. They are covered in the softest leather that will be the height of comfort and luxury. They are will be specially carved in the best wood. The luxury furniture range will be perfect in every sense. They will improve the overall appearance of the room. Our expert carpenters will create these marvels with utmost care. Come and pick the best luxury furniture in Singapore from Vcus.

Get the Best Customized Furniture as Per Your Specifications

Hotels and Eateries require customized furniture that matches the décor of the culinary establishment. Luxury and designer outdoor furniture adds cherry to the fine dining experience. VCUS, one stop shop for commercial and designer furniture in Singapore (SG), is offering wide range of customized furniture to Hotels and other businesses. Further, hotels will need furniture that matches their décor. Vcus has a huge collection of such chairs and tables. If you need them to be made as per your specifications, we can get that done too. This will exactly match your décor. If you are a chain of restaurants you may need the same kind of chairs and tables to be available at all the branches. You will need them for future branches too. Vcus will provide you with your requirement. Come and get the best hotel furniture in Singapore.

How About Furniture That Will Carry Your Identity?

Branding is very important for all companies. They need to assert their identity at every place that belongs to them. This is the way to make people remember them. Companies use logos and color combinations to create an identity for themselves. When these companies open their branches or franchises, they will require those places also to follow the same color schemes.

It is not just color and logos that companies look for. They also look for furniture that will carry their identity. They will need furniture that will bring the company to your mind. Such customized commercial furniture in Singapore can be sourced from us. We can make commercial furniture as per the specific design and color that the companies need. We will be part of your branding effort.